If you are starting a cannabis company, it will be critical to have an experienced cannabis attorney who can assist you with a wide variety of legal issues that will arise in the course of starting and running your business. You should not simply hire any lawyer who advertises work experience in the cannabis industry, or who seeks you out specifically and offers services. Learning more about how to hire a cannabis attorney for your cannabis company will be essential to ensure that you have an experienced and competent attorney who will represent your company’s interest and will make sure that your business operates as smoothly as possible, even when various issues arise.

Whether you are looking for outside corporate counsel or in-house counsel to serve your cannabis company, you should consider the following tips for hiring the best attorney for your business.

Look for a Cannabis Attorney Who Has Experience Representing Cannabis Companies

First, and most importantly, any lawyer you hire to assist your business, whether as outside or in-house counsel, should have experience in the cannabis industry. While there are many different business lawyers who provide outside corporate counsel and in-house services to a wide range of companies in Colorado and across the country, it is critical to have a lawyer who has ample experience handling a wide range of business and regulatory matters for cannabis companies in your area.

Cannabis laws are complex, and this is not a field that a general corporate lawyer can handle as effectively as an attorney who has significant experience dealing with business issues faced specifically by cannabis companies.

Cannabis Lawyers Should Stay Up-to-Date in the Field

Cannabis laws and regulations change frequently, even in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Accordingly, it is important to seek out a lawyer who spends time staying up-to-date on changes in the legal field. Your cannabis company’s lawyer should be current in both business and cannabis law matters to be as effective as possible. You should research attorneys who participate in cannabis and business law conferences and committees, and who are students of the law.

Seek Out a Lawyer with Government or Regulatory Experience

In addition to researching lawyers with experience handling cannabis company issues specifically, it is also important to look for a lawyer who has experience working on matters involving government departments or regulatory agencies, given that many cannabis issues will require this type of work. Work with state departments of revenue and the IRS translates well. Also, Cannabis law is code oriented and lawyers who have experience in code-based legal matters (e.g. tax) may be more adept at dealing with the complex and constantly changing laws. 

Contact a Cannabis Attorney to Learn More

When you are making plans to start a cannabis company, or you need advice about a business law matter or dispute involving your cannabis company, you should have an experienced cannabis business attorney on your side who can provide you with the strongest possible representation. Hiring a lawyer for your cannabis business means spending time researching and seeking out an attorney who specializes in the cannabis industry, has experience working on behalf of cannabis companies, and takes steps to stay current and up-to-date in this rapidly changing industry. An experienced cannabis lawyer at our firm can speak with you today. Contact Accretive Law to learn more about how we can help your business.



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